NZ CDA Toolkit Creating interoperable clinical data for national systems

The New Zealand Clinical Document Architecture (CDA®) Toolkit is designed to provide a common data model implemented by all software products used by clinicians in national services.

About NZ CDA Toolkit

The ‘Toolkit’ is a software integration component used by all the digital health products that connect to various national digital services – notably, GP2GPNZePS and MCIS (Maternity Clinical Information System). 

The Toolkit converts this data into the standards-compliant documents and messages that are transported by local service providers.

It was developed by Patients First in conjunction with GP and Pharmacy System vendors as a ‘shared source’ project, complete with Unit Testing and Test Harness artefacts. 

Benefits to the health sector

  • Provides a consistent and conformant implementation of international standards.
  • Reduces the cost and complexity for local software vendors when developing interfaces to national systems.
  • Enhances information interoperability within the health sector