Health Intelligence Messenger (HIM) Electronic messaging service for patient data

Health Intelligence Messenger (HIM) facilitates the secure electronic transmission of patient information between general practices, laboratories, specialists, and hospitals.

About HIM

HIM is a cost-effective patient data messaging service which can be used as an alternative to other messaging networks, such as HealthLink and MedicalObjects. HIM has the added advantage over other providers by enabling GPs to send unlimited GP2GP messages free of charge.

Once it’s installed, you will barely notice it’s there because it integrates seamlessly and works in the background. The things you will notice are the ease of sending large patient records, and a significant reduction in costs.

Contact us for more information on pricing and to have HIM installed at your healthcare facility.

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How it works for GPs

Our technician will remotely install HIM onto your practice’s server which takes approximately 1-2 minutes.

Once HIM is installed in a practice it is entirely invisible to the practice and the end user. There is nothing that practices do differently when using their GP2GP export or import functionality or sending or receiving other message types.

HIM requires that both the sending and receiving practice are using the service. The HIM software can detect in real-time those practices using HIM and, if available, will use the HIM network to send a GP2GP message. If a receiving practice doesn’t use HIM, the message will be seamlessly moved across the alternative network.


  • GP2GP messages between participating general practices via HIM are delivered for free*.
  • Significant savings with a predictable low, fixed, monthly charge regardless of activity levels for all other message types*.
  • There is no theoretical file size limit. Other providers have a limit of 20MB for GP2GP messages requiring splitting of larger records.
  • No need to incur additional charges from an IT provider; we can perform a quick five-minute installation remotely at a time that suits you.
  • As a not-for-profit charitable organisation, your support assists us to develop and provide affordable high-value solutions and services to fill gaps in the New Zealand health sector.

*Both the sending and receiving practice or facility must have HIM installed for the message to be delivered over HIM.